Paya Fararon is the Iran agent of Wuzhou Transformers Co. and provides following transformers.

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 High Voltage Power Transformers

High voltage oil immersed power transformer, with capacity of 360MVA and below. High efficient and environment protective power transformer is based upon word-wideadvanced technology and also incorporates the experience of internationally leading transformer companies as well as long-term experiences. Low loss, low partial discharge and high short circuit withstand capacity series transformers are achieved through innovation and optimization. All transformers conform entirely with latest national standard GB1094.1 ̴ 2-1996, GB1094.3-2003, GB1094.5-2003 and international standard IEC-76.

 Medium Voltage Power Transformers

Medium voltage transformers are in accordance with National Standards GB1094 power transformers and GB/T6451 technical specifications and requirements for three phase oil-immersed power transformers. Voltage regulation is effected by adjusting the on-load tap changer on the high voltage side. Adjustment can be made manually, motor-operated or possibly through additional devices, this type of transformers can keep the output voltage on the secondary side at a required stable level. Therefore, they are widely used in places where requirement on voltage quality is emphasized, such as institutes, buildings, hotels, hospitals and factories.

 Combined Transformers

Combined transformer is composed of body, switches equipment, fuse, tap-changers, all together in a sealed full oil transformer body. It’s a kind of distribution equipment which has self-protection. Both for indoor and outdoor usage. Widely used in industrial park, residential quarters, business centers, high-rise buildings and other public places. It uses high flash point oil (βoil) or quality mineral oil as insulation medium, usually in places where have high safety requirements.


Reactor is a current inductive element; it’s widely used in electrical system and electric transmissionnetworks. In the circuit, reactor is mainly playing a part as current-limitation, current-stabilization, wave filer, no power compensation, phase displacement, energy

 Magnetic Regulator

Magnetic regulator is a kind of regulator with no-contact and without mechanical transmission. Voltage regulation is performed by DC excitation, using manual control open loop, or self-control close loop depending on different control signals. The regulator is the driving element in the Automatic Control System. Scott (T connection) magnetic transformer transforms three phase voltage into two phase power; it can both regulate the impendence voltage drop in two single-phase loads simultaneously and individually regulate the impendence voltage drop according to different requirements of the two single-phase loads.

 Furnace Transformers

Furnace transformer is power transformer which is used on industry furnace smelting; it’s a special transformer which is designed according to work principle, lead character and operation characteristic. It contains steel-making arc furnace transformer ladle refining furnace transformer, electro slag furnace transformer, and submerged arc furnace transformer (ferroalloy furnace, calcium carbide furnace, phosphorus furnace and so on) .all kinds of transformers which are use on alternative current furnace such as power frequency induction furnace transformer.

Rectifier Transformers

Rectifier transformer is used for rectifier-fitting power supply, most industrial DC power supply is gained by alternative current network equipment which is made up of rectifier transformer and rectifier. Its’ widely used on electrolysis of electrochemistry,traction,transmission DC transmit electricity, frequency conversion and common industrial rectifier power supply and other areas.With manufacturing experience on rectifier transformers, the company has got major break-through on the basis of the traditional calculation, which will future improve the reliability and advancement of products.

Dry Type Transformers

the strengthen glass fiber thin insulation resin dry type transformer—SC( B)9, SC( B)10, can be used as the renewed oil immersed type, be applicable to the power plant, high buildings, commerce center, theater, hospital, laboratory, museum, petroleum drilling platform, ships, sea ports, bus station, airports, petrochemical works, subway, tunnel, underground work and other important places.