Paya Fararon as agent of Kleenair system P.Ltd. provides all solution for Air Pollution Control System and also Automated Yet Power Efficient Solid & Powder Handling Systems for various applications in the industry.

With expertise in this field, Kleenair’s strong foundation is built on its values, vision & mission which distinguish and guide them:

  1. To offer efficient Air Pollution Control and Solid & Powder Handling System.
  2. To protect the environment for benefit of customer & community.
  3. To become leader in the field of Air Pollution Control and Solid & Powder
    Handling Systems by exceeding customer expectations.

Kleenair is leader in supply of Gas Cleaning for:

  • EAF-Primary Fume Extraction
  • EAF/LRF Secondary Fume Extraction
  • AOD Furnace
  • Ferroalloys – Submerged ARC Furnaces
  • Gas Scrubbing Plant for Ferroalloys Closed Furnace
  • Cement Kiln and Mills
  • Power Generation Plant
  • Other Industries:
  • Induction Furnace
  • Blast Furnace
  • Coke Oven

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Paya Fararon provides cupper high current system (water cooled or air cooled) consisting bus bars, bus tubes, contact pads and etc. for ferroalloys electric arc furnaces and induction furnaces.

We supply water cooled cables with section up to 7000 mm² and lengths more than 15 meters, with a maximum current intensity of 4,5 A/mm² and a bending radius of 5 times the internal diameter of the hose rubber.

A very large range of electrode holders and contact pads can be supplied, either cast in high purity copper or forged in oxygen free copper according to the customer’s request.

We also provide the traditional electrode arms and also the most advanced conductive arms made of copper/steel or aluminum.

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Paya Fararon provides Furnace Tap Hole Opening & Closing Systems.

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 Stoking Machine for ARC  Furnace with Accessories

Description D-3 D-5
Motor 22 KW 3 KW
Moving Angle +3°  ̴ -23° +3°  ̴ -23°
Push Stroke (mm) 1200 1200
Push Force (KN) 33 41
Stocking Force (KN) ≥ 20 ≥ 35
Moving Speed (m/min) 0  ̴ 110 0  ̴ 110
Hub Volume (m3) ≥ 0.5 ≥ 0.8
Driving Type Electric & Hydraulic Electric & Hydraulic
Weight Without Accessories (kg) About 5800 About 7000
Dimension with Bar (mm) 5830  ̴ 7300×2000×2450 6530  ̴ 7730×2200×2500

 Furnace Lining Breaking Machine / Ladle Cleaner


This equipment is mainly used in breaking and removing the fire proof inner lining of furnaces, ladles, melting iron grooves, mixers, torpedo ladles, mending furnace mouths and throats, removing clinkers, etc. The multi-functions greatly reduce the labor intensity. Naturally the machine becomes the ideal online or offline equipment in metallurgic production.

 Tap Hole Drilling / Opening and Mud Gun Closing Machine


The hydraulic machine for drilling / opening of tap hole and for mud closing of tap hole is special designed for submerged arc furnaces and blast furnaces. There are many features of double applications with one machine, high speed and closing the tap hole at any time as required.